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From the corners of the globe
Come four dragonlings,
To teach you all about the year
And the holidays it brings!

The year is like a giant wheel
That turns a bit each night
And travels through the dark of winter,
And through summer's light.

The first dragon to be introduced
Loves to sleep all day,
But if you can get him out of bed
He's great fun with which to play.

He is a dragon of the earth
And Feylone is his name;
He might look rather fierce  
But he's quite safe and tame.

Windlo's next in line for you to meet
He's a dragon of the breeze,
He loves to soar through the clouds
And over the tallest trees.

He loves to read his big old books,
He's quite intelligent,
And he's always in the middle of
Some fun experiment.

A water dragon's the next one here,
One who loves to slide and splash;
Slipocampus is his name
And his fishfriend's name is Crash.

Slippy will play the whole day long
Exploring sunken ships and caves;
Every day is an adventure when
You live below the waves.

The last dragon is full of energy,
He's always up for games.
His name is Jet and he is the
Brave dragon of heat and flames.

Jet always leaps before he looks,
So it's a good thing he's got wings;
He's great at toasting marshmallows
And makes real neat smoke rings!   

The first time the dragons celebrated
Was a chilly Imbolc night;
And together they made candlesticks
To lend strength unto the light.

Imbolc brings the first hints of life,
Lambs frolic in late snows,
And the buds that are starting on the trees
Means that soon the leaves will show.

Ostara's the next step on the wheel,
It's the starting day of  Spring.
It's famous for the Ostara Bunny;
And the coloured eggs he brings.

Ostara is filled with fresh new life,
And symbols of rebirth;
'Cause everything that slept through winter
Is returning from the earth!

If you see the maypole,
Then Beltane must be here;
Nature's bursting into bloom
And summertime is near.

The dragons weave flowers into wreaths
To crown the queen and king;
And to help the crops grow strong and tall
They pour forth offerings.

Litha's also called Midsummer
And it's a joyous day,
One on which the Faery Folk
Come out and want to play.

Days have lengthened, nights are warm
And the crops stand nice and high;
It's time to laugh and time to dance
For the joy of summertime!

Lughnasadh is very hard to say,
It means the Games of Lugh;
And is a time of harvesting
But of fun and laughter too.

Grain is important on this day
And so we make it into meals,
And the first of that, freshly baked
Is given back unto the fields.

It's the final days of summer,
For Mabon is autumn's start,
Bringing shorter days to us
And lengthening the dark.

Mabon's a time of thanksgiving
For friends and kin and home,
And to celebrate the bounty
Of life the earth has grown.

When Samhain night approaches,
The dragons gather near,
To celebrate their ancestors
And the start of a new year.

They dress in silly costumes,
And go out to trick or treat;
Then make scary jack o lanterns
While eating all their sweets.

Yule is the start of winter,
It is the longest night,
And we gather together with those we love
To welcome back the light.

Yule's our last stop on the wheel,
But that doesn't mean an end,
For Yule teaches us about rebirth
And that Imbolc will come again!
This is the poem that I wrote and illustrated as a colouring book to teach kids about the sabbats
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